How do I graph the rational function #y=(x^2-7x+12)/(x^2-1)# on a graphing calculator?

1 Answer
Sep 14, 2014

On the TI-nspire, you would enter this rational function as a fraction in the function entry line. See the graph below:
my screenshot

I wonder if you were most interested in some of its features:

Vertical asymptotes at x = 1 and x = -1. These are a result of the denominator and its factors (x+1)(x - 1) being set "not equal" to 0.

There is a horizontal asymptote as well, y = 1. On the left side of the graph, the curve seems to approach 1 from above, and on the right side, it appears to approach 1 from below.

There is a lot of great precalculus in this problem! End behavior and behavior around the vertical asymptotes will be a major area of your future studies of limits in this course.