How do natural killer cells differ from macrophages?

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Jul 8, 2015

differences between Natural killer cells aka NKC and macrophages


following reasons are that i know

  1. NKC looks at the abnormality in the self cells by looking at the surface molecules, whereas Macrophages look at the foreign pathogens in the body

  2. NKC do not phagocytose self cells which have gone bad, whereas Macrophages engulf the foreign pathogen.

  3. NKC releases molecules to disrupt the cell membrane of self cell membrane gone bad whereas, Macrophages provide a signature of invading pathogen to other immune cells.

  4. macrophages can be residing in peripheral tissue (like skin, muscle, etc., where blood vessels are not as enriched), but NKC usually roam around in the blood vessels. (this point is quite ambigous as i have read in favour and in against the fact that they reside in peripheral tissue)

I hope this helped any more addition of points will be appreciated