What are common mistakes students make with acquired immunity?

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Aug 22, 2014

The lymphatic system benefits the whole body by maintaining fluid balance and promoting freedom from disease.

It is also part of the cardiovascular system. The components of blood contain what are called formed elements which are white blood cells (WBC) and red blood cells (RBC) and fragments called platelets.

WBCs are usually outnumbered by RBCs by a ratio of 1000:1.
WBCs are responsible for defending the body against infection, foreign cells, or toxins, and for assisting in the cleanup and repair of damaged tissues.

The most numerous are neutrophils, which engulf bacteria, and lymphocytes, which are responsible for the specific defenses of the immune response.

We are sometimes born with immunities which are called innate immunities, otherwise we have to make a "bank full" of our own over our life time. These last ones are called acquired immunities.

Every time you get a cold, you will fight it off and keep the memory of it in the "bank". Later on, when you run across this virus again, you can call on it. You think that you are coming down with something but it takes a little time to restart the antibodies again.

The same happens with each and every cold you come across (hundreds) and with any other disease you have had or if you have been vaccinated for such as MMR or polio.


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