How do strong acids react in water?

1 Answer
Apr 10, 2014

A strong acid is an acid that ionizes completely in an aqueous solution by losing one proton, according to the equation

HA(aq)→ H+(aq) + A-(aq)

Also, here is a list of strong acids:

Hydroiodic acid HI (pKa = −9.3)
Hydrobromic acid HBr (pKa = −8.7)
Perchloric acid #HClO_4# (pKa ≈ −8)
Hydrochloric acid HCl (pKa = −6.3)
Sulfuric acid #H_2SO_4# (first dissociation only, pKa1 ≈ −3)
p-Toluenesulfonic acid (pKa = −2.8) Organic soluble strong acid
Methanesulfonic acid (pKa = −1.92) Liquid organic strong acid