How do the 3 states of matter differ from one another?

1 Answer
Apr 20, 2016

Energy and Arrangement


Think about kids in a preschool. At different times of the day they have different energy.

In they classroom they are calm. They have enough energy to move around the room and interact with each other but they in a confined space so they cannot spread out. They act like a liquid.

Out on they playground it is chaos. they are running every which way and don't stop. They are in a high state of energy. They are all spread out all over the place Interacting with each other then running across the playground. They act like a gas.

Then as they day goes on they get to a nap time. at this point they are in a low energy state. they do not move except for in their personal space. they are all next to each other but they don't move around the room. They act like a solid.

Note that Arrangement could be different. Some liquids like water expand when in a lower energy state.