How do titration curves work?

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Dec 3, 2015

Watch these videos.


Titration curves or pH curves illustrate the progress of an acid-base titration point by point after adding small values of titrant to the analyte.

pH curves help also to determine the strength of an acid or a base and to determine the pH of the equivalence point. Moreover, the concentration of the analyte could also be determined.

In some other applications, titration curves help also to identify the buffering activity of a solution if there is any.

I recently uploaded two videos where I explain in details the construction of the pH curve and the calculations that are associated to it for:

  • Strong Acid - Strong Base Titration
  • Weak Acid - Strong Base Titration

I hope you find them helpful.

Acid - Base Equilibria | Strong Acid - Strong Base Titration.

Acid - Base Equilibria | Weak Acid - Strong Base Titration.