How do vacuoles help maintain homeostasis?

1 Answer

Vacuoles are organelles found in cells.
They play a role in storage of both nutrients and waste products .

They help maintain homeostasis in the following way:

  1. Maintaining acidity :
    In case the pH in the environment drops a lot (becomes very acidic), there is a flux of H ions from the cell's cytoplasm into the cell's vacuole thereby increasing acidity to required level and thus maintaining the specific pH in the cells internal environment as well.
  2. Turgidity
    Vacuoles regulate the turgidity by regulating the amount of water inside the cell.
    cell has excessive water: vacuole absorbs the water and then diffuses it out of the cell.
    cell lacks water: water from the vacuole gets passed back into the cell thereby maintaining turgidity.