How do we know the universe is expanding and still accelerating?

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Universe not Expanding.


By the telescope, Astronomer Edwin P. Hubble first observed the distribution of galaxies in space in 1929. Hubble found that most of the galaxies outside of the local group are receding from us, and the ones farther away are receding the fastest. From Hubble’s observation, scientists discovered that the universe is expanding.
So, the universe is not expanding, being the nuclear of the circle of the gravitational force, the visible worlds are going in distance from each other in the difference of movement on the critical radius.

Feb 22, 2018

The red shift indicates that the universe is expanding. The studies of supernovas indicates that the rate of expansion is increasing.


Edwin Hubble observed that most of the universe shows a red shift. The Doppler affect indicates that an increase in wavelength is caused by an object moving away from the observer.
The redshift is an increase in wavelength that means that most of the universe is moving away from the observers on earth. The observation of the Doppler red shift showed that the universe was expanding outward from a central point of origin.

In 1997-1998 three studies of the supernovas disproved the hypothesis that expansion of the universe was slowing down and that the universe would recycle in a Big Crush and new Big Bang.
Instead the empirical evidence was that the rate of the expansion of the universe was increasing.

The empirical evidence that the rate of the universe is increasing disproved the alternating universe theory. The concept of matter and energy being eternal and self existent are called into question by the evidence of an increasing rate of the expansion of the universe, discovered by the study of supernovas.