How do you balance #Fe+H_2SO_4 -> Fe_2(SO_4)_3 + H_2#?

1 Answer
Oct 2, 2016

#2Fe_((s)) + 3H_2SO_(4(aq)) -> Fe_2(SO_4)_(3(aq)) +# #3H_2#(g)


Start by looking at the most complex compound, and balancing around that. In this case, its #Fe_2(SO_4)_(3(aq))#.

We see that we need 2 Fe and 3 #SO_4# on the reactants side, so we add those in. After that, there is only an imbalance of #H_2#, which is easily fixed by adding a 3 to the products side.

The general way to balance is by starting with the most complex compound first, and making sure the rest of the equation conforms to it (it's much harder to try and balance the more complex compound to the rest of the equation).