How do you balance this equation: #AgNO_3 + NaCl -> AgCI + NaNO_3#?

1 Answer
Sep 19, 2016

Your equation is already balanced.


#AgNO_3(aq) + NaCl(aq) rarr AgCl(s)darr + NaNO_3(aq)#

Silver chloride will precipitate from solution as a curdy white because of its exceptional insolubility in water. The other materials are along for the ride and will remain in water as the aquated ions, #Na^+(aq)#, #NO_3^(-)(aq)# etc.

We could write the business end of this equation, as the net ionic equation:

#Ag^(+)(aq) + Cl^(-)(aq) rarr AgCl(s)darr#

Note that as in all stoichiometrically balanced equations, (i) mass is conserved, and (ii) charge is conserved.