How do you calculate #log17# with a calculator?

1 Answer
May 7, 2018

Simple! Press the " log " button on your calculator, input "17", then press your enter button!


The answer is very self-explanatory. Calculators these days should have a "log" button in order to calculate logarithmic problems, such as #log17#.

Note that your calculator should be able to solve the logarithmic problems with different bases. If this is true, simply type your base-number in the space provided to the right of the word "log".

For example, the logarithmic #log_3(45)# has a base-number of 3 and #log_5(20)# has a base-number of 5.

In this case, your base-number is "base-10" (since no base-number is provided).

If your calculator does not have this function, you might want to consider buying a new calculator with the button included, especially if you are expected to solve more logarithmic problems such as this in the future.

Until then, use Google's calculator by searching "calculator" on Google's search bar, for it is able to solve logarithmic problems!