How do you convert 20 feet to degrees?

1 Answer
Jun 22, 2016

Conversion is not possible. Foot is a unit of distance and its dimension is (1-D) Length [L]. Degree is unit of measurement of either directional angle or dimensional temperature.


There is a physical,geometrical aspect, for any



Physical measurements.

Mass in pounds of dimension mass [M].

Jogging speed 3 mph as distance per unit of time is of dimension


Temperature in degrees is of dimension temperature #[theta]#.

Geometrical measurements:

Height in feet is 1-dimensional measurement of length #[L]#.

Area of a triangle in square feet is of dimension 2-D #[L^2]#.

Angle in degrees is directional and, as such, is non-dimensional.

Conversion is possible from one unit to another, for the same

dimensional/directional measure only.

For example, 1 mile = 1.609344 km, nearly, and #40^oC=104^oF.#.

Crisscrossing for conversion, from feet to degree, is not possible