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How do you create a table of values for an absolute value equation?

1 Answer
Feb 12, 2015

A table of values is simply a pairing between an input and an output. Absolute value equations can range from very complex to relatively simple -- there are also many theorems and postulates that dictate the behavior of absolute value equations in various circumstances.

In its purest form, absolute value makes all numbers positive. For instance, # y = |x| # would result in the positive form of #x# being the output, whether #x# is positive or negative. For instance, if #x# is #-5#, it would be #5# when it comes out of that equation. Create a table of values like you normally would, but compute values enclosed in absolute value markers as positive.

Another common form of absolute value equations can be found in a form similar to #|a-3| = 5#


#|a-3| = 5# would have #a# values # -2 < x < 8 #

From there, you can create a table from the values of #a#.

If you can update your question with more detail, I may be able to answer it better.