How do you determine the quadrant in which #-pi/12# lies?

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First off we know there are 4 quadrants and rotation starts from the positive x-axis. Positive rotation moves counter-clockwise up towards the positive y-axis and negative rotation moves clockwise down towards the negative y-axis. The diagram below shows positive rotation (negative rotation goes in the opposite direction).

We have negative rotation, so we move clockwise, downwards towards the negative y-axis.

How far do we move in that direction? #pi/12#

The negative y-axis is at #-pi/2#, or rotated #pi/2=90^o# in the negative, clockwise, downward direction. #pi/12 < pi/2# and so hasn't rotated as far as the negative y-axis - and so rotates into Q4 but not as far as Q3, and so that is where it lies - Q4.