How do you draw the angle in standard position, find the reference angle, and find a positive coterminal angle and a negative coterminal angle for -135°?

1 Answer
Aug 2, 2015

Positive co-terminal #225^o#
Negative co-terminal #-495^o#


Reference angle in any of the quadrants is an acute angle measured with reference to x axis. In the Ist quadrant any angle is its own reference angle.

Positive angles are measured in anticlockwise direction, starting with positive x axis. Negative angles are measure in clockwise direction in the same way.

Angle #-135^o# would be measured in clockwise direction starting with positive x axis and would lie in IIIrd quadrant. Its co-terminal angle would be #225^o# measured in counterclock wise direction starting with positive x-axis.

Angle #-495^o# would be the negative co-terminal angle.