How do you evaluate #28div7*2#?

1 Answer
Mar 8, 2018




PEMDAS is an acronym which shows the order in which to begin solving a math problem
P- parentheses (anything in parentheses must be done first)

E-Exponents (exponents are raising numbers to a certain power, this basically means that you multiply the number by itself that many times #2^4# is #2*2*2*2#)

M and D- go third together, they stand for Multiplication and Division (this always goes from left to right UNLESS THERE ARE PARENTHESES Ex. #4*5 ÷ 2# first you would go left to right multiplying 4 and five to get 20 and then dividing by two to get 10. if it was #4* (5÷2)# then you would divide 5 by two first and then multiply, getting 8

A and S- are addition and subtraction, performed last and always left to right just like multiplication.

In your problem, first, you must check to see what there is, no parentheses, no exponents, so next is M and D which is always left to right so #28÷7#; 7 goes into 28 four times so we are left with #4*2# ---4 twice or 2 four times is 8. The answer is 8