How do you evaluate #6^2+3*7-9#?

1 Answer
Jul 21, 2017



In calculations which involve different operations it is important to identify the different TERMS first.

Each TERM will simplify to a single answer which can be added or subtracted in the last step.

Within each term, the correct order is to do the strongest operations first and the weakest ones last.

Parentheses override that and must be done first. This means:

  • parentheses
  • powers and roots
  • multiplication and division
  • addition and subtraction

#" "color(blue)(6^2)" "color(red)(+3xx7)" "color(green)(-9)" "larr# there are 3 terms

#=color(blue)(36)" "color(red)(+21)" "color(green)(-9)" "larr# single answers for the terms

#= 48#