How do you find the best function that models: (-3, 14), (-2, 4), (-1, -2), (0, -4), (1, -2)?

1 Answer

To find the best function, you will need a scatterplot.

First, you should enter your data into your Stat Key (see my [previous answer]( for how to do this if you get stuck), and then turn on your Scatter Plot. To do this, hit 2ND#->#STAT PLOT (normally "Y="), and turn it on.

Then go to your graph, and you should see the coordinates.

Now you need to do a bit of guessing. Look at the coordinates and see what function it looks like. Once you know, go back to your home screen and use the correct regression to find the model (if you don't know how to do this, again see my previous answer ).

If you need further help, this video may help.

Keep in mind that you may need to use stuff like QuadReg (for quadratics) or CubicReg (for cubics) instead of the standard LinReg. Hence it will be a bit more thinking on your part.

Hope that helped :)