How do you find the domain and range and determine whether the relation is a function given :#y=-5x#?

1 Answer
Nov 18, 2017

Domain and range are both infinity and yes, it is a function


The domain is the set of x values that you can use as input to a mathematical equation. The number one thing you cannot do is attempt to divide by zero. In this case, since there is no division at all and no restrictions on the input (such as only use numbers greater than 2 or something like that), any number we can think of will be valid, so infinity.

The range is the y values that will come out of the equation. In this case there are no restrictions, so infinity again.

An equation is a function if there is only one possible y value for every input x value. In this case, since no matter what value we put in for x, we will only get one y value out, it is a function