How do you find the value of #18+6 div 3#?

1 Answer
Oct 19, 2016




More important than blindly following BODMAS, PEDMAS or any other of the numerous acronyms, is to understand what they mean and what they all have in common.

  1. There are different operations which are done in an expression.
  2. Some operations are stronger than others, Stronger operations are done first, and the weaker ones last.
  3. In order of strength, the operations are:
    powers and roots
    -multiplication division
    -addition and subtraction
  4. If a weaker operation must be done first, this is indicated with brackets.. Brackets take priority over all other operations.
  5. Count the terms first. They should be kept separate until the last step at which stage they can be added or subtracted.

#color(red)(18)color(blue)(+6 div 3)# has 2 terms

#= color(red)(18) color(blue)(+2)#