How do you find the value of #2+8(5)div2-3#?

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PEMDAS The answer is #19 #


PE is parenthesis and exponents these must be done first.

so # ( 8 xx 5) = 40 #

MD is multiplication and Division these must be done next working from left to right

so # 40/2 = 20 #

AS is addition and subtraction these must be done last again working from left to right.

# 2 + 20 = 22 # Then

#22 -3 = 19 #

A way to remember this is "if you get hurt in PE class call an MD (a medical doctor) ASap ( as soon as possible.)

The Medical Doctor (MD) is one person so the multiplication and Division must be done together.

ASAP (AS) is one time right now so the addition and subtraction must be done together.

Oct 20, 2016




In any calculation involving different operations, the MOST important thing is to count the number of TERMS first. Each term is kept separate until the last line, and then they are added or subtracted.

Within each term:
- brackets are done first,
-then powers and roots,
-then multiply and divide.

#color(blue)(2)color(red)(+8(5)div2)color(lime)( -3)" "larr# there are 3 separate terms

Carry each term down to the next line

=#color(blue)(2)color(red)(+40div2)color(lime)( -3)#

=#color(blue)(2)color(red)(+20)color(lime)( -3)" "larr# now add or subtract the final answers