How do you graph exponential and logistic functions on a graphing calculator?

1 Answer
Oct 31, 2014

Like with all functions, you just need to type them out on your calculator in the #y=# area. You will need to know that the "carrot key" (Looks like ^ , right under the "Clear" key on TI-83s and 84s) is what you use to type out your exponents. Also, especially with logistic functions, you should be sure to use parenthesis properly.

In the TI-83s and 84s, I personally find that typing out functions with lots of stuff in them (like logistic growth models or gaussian models) is rather hard to type out correctly. Therefore, if you are allowed to, I would recommend that you used another, more powerful graphing utility on a computer. is a good option for this.

Hope that helps :)