How do you graph #x-2y=6# using intercepts?

1 Answer
Jan 4, 2017

#"intercepts are " x=6" and " y=-3#


When the graph crosses the x-axis (x-intercept) the corresponding y-coordinate is zero. Let y = 0 in the equation and solve for x.

#y=0rArrx-0=6rArrx=6larr" x-intercept"#

Similarly when the graph crosses the y-axis (y-intercept) the corresponding x-coordinate is zero. Let x = 0 in the equation and solve for y.

#x=0rArr0-2y=6rArry=-3larr" y-intercept"#

Plot the 2 points (6 ,0) and (0 ,-3) and draw a straight line through them. This gives the graph of the given equation.
graph{1/2x-3 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}