How do you graph #y=sin(3x)# over #0<=x<=540#?

1 Answer
Jan 11, 2017

See the graph and the explanation.


#540^o=3pi# radian = 9.425 units of distance, on the x-scale.

The period of #sin (3x) = (2pi)/3#.

So, the specified interval is 4.5 periods long.

The amplitude of the wave is 1,

So, the the number of the given sine waves, in this period is 4.5.

I have given two graphs. In the second, #y in [-1, 1]# to reveal the

amplitude, in exactitude. See the gaps at the crests and nadirs.

To close that, the y-interval is increased a bit, for the first graph.

The gaps in the second are magnified ( empty ) point gaps that are

interpreted as turning points..

graph{sin (3x) [0, 9.425, -1.1, 1.1 ]}

graph{sin (3x) [0, 9.425, -1, 1 ]}