How do you name benzene rings?

1 Answer
Nov 21, 2015

It's hard to tell what you mean. You might mean one of the following:

To name A, it is a phenyl substituent.

To name B, it is a benzyl substituent.

C is called an n-acene. So, if there are four benzene rings in a row, it's called tetracene. If it's seven, then it's called heptacene, and so on.

D is a special type of compound called a periacene. This one is named based on the "armchairs" and "zigzags" it has. For this one, it's called (5a, 3z)-periacene since it has five rows of benzene rings, each having an armchair (#"\""_""/"#), and three zig zags (#hat" "#). But you probably don't have to know this.