How do you name the curve given by the conic #r=6/(2+sintheta)#?

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Aug 22, 2016



The polar equation of a conic, referred to a/the focus as the pole r =

0 and the perpendicular from the pole to the (corresponding)

directrix as the initial line #theta = 0#, is

#l/r=1+e cos theta#, where

e is the eccentricity of the conic and l is the semi latus rectum = #

(1/2) X (length of the chord of the conic through the focus,that is

perpendicular to the initial line).

The conic is named an ellipse, parabola or hyperbola according as #

e < = > 1.#

Interestingly, for the circle the focus is at the center and l

= radius a and e = 0. The equation is simply r = a.

Here, the equation is

#3/r=1+1/2 cos theta#, So, e = 1/2 < 1, and so, the conic is an

ellipse. The semi major axis a is given by
# l = a(1-e^2)=a(1-1/4) =3a/4=3. So, a = 1/4#