How do you place #-3/8, 0.27, -0.3, 5/8# on the number line?

1 Answer
Feb 14, 2017


Change them to decimals and show each in the correct position on the number line.


Before you can compare any numbers, they have to be in the same form. Here you have decimals and fractions. Convert everything to decimals which are easier to compare than fractions.

The negative values are obviously smaller than the positives.

#-3/8 = -0.125#

#-0.3 = -0.300" "larr# the smallest value

#0.27 =0.270#

#5/8 = 0.625" "larr# the biggest value

On a number line, the numbers in order from the left would be:

#-0.3" "-0.125" "0.27" "0.625#

Make sure that the number line is marked with a suitable scale and use a dot to show exactly where each number lies.