How do you plot #5i#?

2 Answers
Feb 2, 2018

I tried this:


We can use the Complex Plane (aka, Argand-Gauss Plane) where on the horizontal axis you plot the real parts of a complex number while on the vertical one you plot the coefficient of the imaginary part.
So in your case you have a complex number in the form:
the real part is zero while the imaginary is #5#.
You get:
enter image source here

The dot represents your complex number on the Complex Plane.

Feb 2, 2018

It's just a vertical vector along the yy axis with 5 measures long.


You have the x dimension for the real part and the y dimension for the imaginary part. If the real part is zero, your value is along the y axis graph{100000x [-5, 5., 0, 5]} .