How do you round 28.25008 to the nearest tenth?

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The first thing you need to know is where the tenth's place even is. Use this diagram to help:

We can see that it is the number right behind the decimal place, so we know that we will keep this number, but all other numbers will be taken away by rounding.

Here is our number: #28.25008#

So the question is: Do we round 2 (the number in the tenth's place) up to 3, or leave it at 2?

Well, look at the number directly to the right of the tenth's place. What number is it? It should be 5.
Now remember if the number is
#0-4:# we keep it the same
#5-9:# we round it up

So since we have 28.2#color(red)5#008, we will round it to 28.#color(red)3#