How do you round 9,116 to the nearest hundred?

1 Answer
Mar 4, 2018



Let's think about what hundreds are near 9116. We know that 9000 and 9100 and 9200 are all pretty close, so we know the answer will probably be one of these. But which is the closest?

We can subtract things to get the answer, or we can use a neat trick! The trick is to only think about the last two digits, 16, and compare then to 50. If they are lower than 50, we round down. If they are 50 or higher, we round up. Because 16 is less than 50, we are rounding down

In order to round down, we take the number without the last two digits (16) and make them 0. This means that our final answer is 9100.

If we had to round up, we would have made the 1 and 6 into zeros but added one to the hundreds place (getting 9200).