How do you simplify #(13 xx 2 - 5^2)/[3^2 - (-3)^2]# using PEMDAS?

1 Answer
Sep 3, 2016


Undefined because division by zero is not permissible.


Identify the separate terms first.

Although the whole fraction is one terms, there are 2 terms in the numerator and 2 terms in the denominator.

Each term must be simplified to a single answer and these will be dded or subtracted last.

Do operations in brackets first.
Then do the strongest operations: powers and roots.
Then the weaker operations: multiply and divide,
Last the weakest operations: addition and subtraction.

#(color(red)(13 xx 2) - color(lime)(5^2))/[color(blue)(3^2) - color(magenta)((-3)^2)]#

=#(color(red)(26) - color(lime)(25))/[color(blue)(9) - color(magenta)((9)]#


=undefined because division by zero is not permissible.