How do you simplify #(3x^(1/3)*x^(-2/3))/(3x^(-2/3))#?

1 Answer
Mar 11, 2018

When trying to solve this problem, you should think of the laws of indices. It will assist in solving this problem. Below is a picture of the laws.

enter image source here

So, let solve the problem.

so since x is the common term in the numerator we can use the third rule in the left column.

#= ((3(x^((1/3+(-2/3)))))/(3x^(-2/3)))#
divide the algebraic expression by 3.
next, we will use the first rule in the right column.
#(x^((-1/3-(-2/3)) ))#
finally, the answer will be;
#=x^(1/3) or 3sqrtx#


I hope you understood, if not follow what I did with the rules of indices to solve the problem.