How do you simplify each expression using positive exponents #m^3 n^-6 p^0#?

1 Answer
Mar 15, 2016



  1. The problem states that the term with negative exponent must be converted to positive exponent;
  2. Since exponent of #n# is negative put the term as denominator, thus changing the sign of the exponent to positive;
  3. The #p^0# term need not included in the answer since the value is understood to be 1; for any number or variable raised to zero is equal to 1.
  4. So this will be reflected as #m^3/n^6#.
  5. You might be tempted to cancel out exponents of the numerator and denominator since both are divisible by 3. Bear in mind that they are not like terms, thus cancellation of the exponents is not applicable.