How do you simplify #(x^2y^4m^3)^8# and write it using only positive exponents?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2017

See the entire simplification process below:


Use this rule of exponents to simplify this expression:

#(x^color(red)(a))^color(blue)(b) = x^(color(red)(a) xx color(blue)(b))#

#(x^color(red)(2)y^color(red)(4)m^color(red)(3))^color(blue)(8) = x^(color(red)(2) xx color(blue)(8))y^(color(red)(4) xx color(blue)(8))m^(color(red)(3) xx color(blue)(8)) = x^16y^32m^24#

Because all of the exponents are already positive there is nothing else need to complete this problem.