How do you solve 3x+2=y and -9x+3y=11?

1 Answer
Mar 5, 2018

The equations have no solution.


Re-write te equations so you have only constants on the RHS

Eqn 1: # 3x -y = -2#
Eqn 2: #-9x +3y=11#

Multiply Eqn 1 by 3 to make the x coefficient the same, so you have:

Eqn 1: # 9x -3y = -6#
Eqn 2: #-9x +3y=11#

Add Eqn 1 & 2, you will get an inequality as both x and y terms cancell out.
#0 =9# which is an inequality.

This means the two equations cannot be resolved, so in terms of geometry, they are two lines which do not intersect.