How do you solve #4x + 2y = 10# for y?

2 Answers
Mar 22, 2018

y = 5-2x


Start by moving everything to the right side of the equation so that the term with Y is by itself.

4x + 2y = 10

Subtract 4x from both sides to get:

2y = 10 - 4x

Next, we need to get Y by itself. We can do this by dividing by two. Remember that what we do to one side we have to do to the other.

#(2y)/2 = 10/2 - (4x)/2#

Now that Y is by itself you have your answer.

y = 5 - 2x

Mar 22, 2018

Rearrange the equation to get y on one side.


Remember that an equation will remain equal if you do the same thing on both sides. If you subtract both sides by #4x# you will get
#4x+2y=10 rarr 2y=10-4x#

Then divide both sides by 2 and you get y on the left hand side

#2y=10-4x rarr y=(10-4x)/2#
Note that this can be simplified to #y=5-2x#

If the value of x is known you can find the value of y using this equation.