How do you solve and graph #-8r < 16 #?

1 Answer
Sep 25, 2016

#r > -2#


#-8r color(red)(<) 16#

We will need to make the r term positive.
If you multiply or divide an inequality by a negative number, the inequality sign in the middle changes around.

# (-8)/(-8)r color(red)(>)16/(-8)#

#r > -2#

On a number line graph this will be shown as an open circle on -2 (because -2 is NOT included in the solution) and a line drawn to the right.

On the Cartesian Plane, a dotted vertical line is drawn at x=-2 and the wanted area to the RIGHT of the line is shaded.

graph{x > -2 [-5, 5, -2.5, 2.5]}