How do you solve #m - 1 1/2 = - 5/4#?

1 Answer
Jul 10, 2016

#m = 1/4#


I will convert the fractions into decimals so the explanation process can be understood more easily. The answer will be converted back into fraction form, I hope that's okay.

For problems like this you want to get the variable on one side of the equation and your constants ( a number on its own) on the other side.

Add 1.5 to both sides of the equation in order to get your variable, m, by itself so you can get rid of 1.5 on the left and have your constants on the right side:

#m - 1.5 = -1.25#
#color(white)(aaa) +1.5 color(white)(aa) +1.5#

#m = 0.25#

#m = 1/4#