How do you solve multi-step equations?

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May 17, 2018

Solving multi-step equations involves multiple steps.


So let do a sample multi-step equations. Now when solving multi-step equations, you may have an answer in fraction that can or cannot be reduced in simplest term or you have no solution if they are not equal (ex: #-18=9#) on both sides of the equal sign.

Here is an example:

So we would combine like terms before solving for #a#


Now we divide both sides by 11 and we get


So let plug this back into the equation to ensure it work

#-6+ -5=-11#

Both sides are equal meaning that #a=-1# works for this multi-step equation.

Kuta Software - Multi-Step Equations (sample problem came from here)

May 17, 2018

Do PEMDAS backwards PESADM In trying to find something always work backs and do the opposite. This works for equations without the variable squared terms # x^2#


The order of operations backwards is PESADM.
Think about like this if you lose something in PE class you are a SAD M(an).

First all parenthesis and exponents must be cleared to simplify the problem.
Then starting with addition and subtraction move all the constant numbers to the side of the equation without the variable.
If the number is positive subtract from both sides, if the number is positive add to both sides, always do the opposite working backwards.

Then get all of the variable terms on one side of the equation by either adding or subtracting.

Next get rid of the coefficients in front of the variable by dividing or multiplying. Whatever the coefficient do the opposite.

Remember a variable is something that you are trying to find. When you lose something try to find it by working backwards.
PESADM Don't be a sad man (mam)