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How do you solve #x/3-x/4=7/3#?

1 Answer
Mar 7, 2018


#x = 28#


This is similar to how you might work with fractions when doing normal operations that don't involve variables. What you want to do is find the least common denominator (LCD) and then change the numerator accordingly. Then just work with the terms of the numerator to isolate and solve for #x#.

1) Find the least common denominator.
The LCD of 3 and 4 is 12.

2) Change the numerators accordingly for each of the fractions.
#\frac{4x}{3(4)}- \frac{3x}{4(3)} = \frac{7(4)}{3(4)} #

3) Consider the terms in the numerator as being a part of one equation. Solve for #x#.
#4x -3x = 28#
#x = 28#