How do you use the amplitude and period to graph #y = -cos ( x- pi/4)#?

1 Answer
Mar 2, 2016

#A=1, B=1,C=0->y=0,D=pi/4, P=(2pi)/B=2pi# Increments: #P/4=(2pi)/4=pi/2#


Start from the sinusoidal axis y=C which happens to be the x-axis here since sinusoidal equation is y=0. From y=0 go up one unit to y=1 and draw the upper bound then go down one unit and draw the lower bound. Your graph will start on the x-axis from #pi/4# and add #pi/2#each time to get to the next mark. Remember that you only need five points to graph one cycle of the sinusoidal equation.