How do you write #11 2/3# into an improper fraction?

1 Answer
Dec 4, 2014



To turn mixed numbers into improper fractions, the general rule is to :

multiply the denominator (of the fraction in the mixed number) by the whole number in the mixed number, and then adding the numerator (of the fraction in the mixed number) to give the new numerator in the improper fraction. The denominator stays the same as the one in the mixed number.

So, (denominator X whole number) + numerator = numerator of improper fraction.

In #11 2/3#
the denominator=3
the whole number=11
the numerator=2

So, (3 X 11) + 2 = 35=numerator of improper fraction.
(The denominator stays the same.)

Answer: #35/3#