How do you write 25/7 as a mixed fraction?

2 Answers
Jan 13, 2017

You write it #3 4/7#


Find the largest multiple of seven that is less than the numerator. This would be 21.

Split the fraction into two terms. one using the multiple you just found, and the other using the remainder of the numerator

#25/7=21/7 + 4/7#

Write the first term as a whole number (which is sure to be possible if you did my first step correctly), and write the two terms as a single fraction

#3+4/7=3 4/7#

All done!

Jan 13, 2017

To write this as a mixed fraction you divided the denominator by the numerator. The integer portion becomes the integer and the remainder stays as a fraction:

#25/7 = 3 + # a remainder of #4 = 3 + 4/7 = 3 4/7#