How do you write #3.07 times 10^-4# in standard form?

2 Answers
Dec 16, 2016

#3.07xx10^-4 = 3.07xx1/10^4 = 3.07/10000 = 0.000307#

Dec 16, 2016



The way that I learned how to do scientific notation is mainly the fact of the relation between the number and the exponent on the 10.
If the exponent on the 10 is getting bigger, then the number that you are calculating should move one decimal smaller. If you are moving the exponent smaller, then you are moving the number bigger.
It is in an opposite fashion.

This being said, if you have a negative number and you want to put the number back into standard form, you have to make your exponent bigger. This will make your number you calculate smaller.
you will have to move your decimal 4 times to the left


Another way that you could also think of this problem is that does your 10 to the exponent express.