How do you write a compound inequality to represent the scenario. You'll need to bring at least $15 to the movies but you won't need more than $25. Let m represent the money brought to the movies?

1 Answer
Nov 15, 2016


#$15 <= $m <= $24#


The information gives the minimum and the maximum amount of money which will be needed.

"At least $15" means that amount or more than that.

"At most or not more than $25" means that amount or less.

In both cases the given value is included.

If the amount of money is #$m#, we can write:

#$15 <= $m <= $24#

This is the math way of saying "any amount from $15 to $25".

If we were trying to say "any amount between $15 and $25", these values are NOT included and we would write:

#$15 < $m < $24#