How does a zygote differ from a gamete?

1 Answer
Aug 28, 2014

Gametes are haploid ( half the number of an individual's chromosome ) structures .
For eg . In human beings , total no. of chromosomes are 46 while gametes of the same species have 23 chromosomes.
Gametes are structures of pre-fertilization event . Gametes fuse to form zygote

Fusion of gametes is called fertilization .

First event that happens in post-fertilization is formation of zygote .
Zygotes are made when 2 gametes fuse .
Zygote turns out to be diploid (actual no. of individual's chromosome) as 2 haploid gametes fuse .
In case of humans : 1 gamete (23 chromosomes) + 1 gamete (23 chromosomes) = 1 zygote (46 chromosomes) .enter image source here
Zygote further forms complete organisms by mitosis .