How does an equilateral triangle differ from a scalene triangle?

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Dec 25, 2015

Equilateral triangle has all three sides equal in length.
Scalene triangle has all three sides of different length.


Note that all three sides in a scalene triangle are different. If two are of the same length and different from the third side, it's neither equilateral nor scalene triangle.

For instance, a triangle with side lengths of #3#, #4# and #5# (in some measurement units) is a scalene triangle, but that with length #4#, #4# and #5# is not.

Apr 10, 2016

See explanation..


Equilateral triangle:

An Equilateral triangle has all of its side equal in length.

All of its angles are #60^circ#

enter image source here

Scalene triangle:

A Scalene triangle has sides with different lengths

The angles of a Scalene of a Scalene triangle are also different

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