How does astronomy affect society?

1 Answer
Nov 11, 2016

Both modern astronomy and ancient-astronomy-based astrology affect society, side by side.


The society can be divided into groups as follows.

(1) Interested in both Astronomy and astrology that hovers around

ancient astronomy.

(2) More interested in astronomy than in astrology.

(3) More interested in astrology as science than in astronomy as


(4) Believing astronomical surmises but not having faith in astrology.

(5) Not at all bothering about astronomy but leading everyday life

under the guidelines provided in astrological predictions for the day

and the future.

In ancient times, astrology was a synonym for astronomy. Glorious

tributes to Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler, with the advent of

astronomy as a separate science, scientists were

divided into two groups, astronomers and astrologers. Currently,

astrologers are novice astronomers who are unable to cope up with

the advanced study and research that require knowledge of

astrophysics and other allied sciences, culminating with


If we consider all these aspects, the impact of astronomy on

modern society is getting more and more pronounced than before,

and this would continue as incremental, for ever.

Even now, (4) is the smallest group, and I have been in this group,

from my early teens.