How does chemistry relate to other sciences?

1 Answer
Apr 2, 2016

Radioactivity, Fuels, diffusion, exchanging materials, Old and New species


Chemistry relates to other sciences in many topics. In physics, when you do Radioactivity, you need to know atomic structures(Chemistry topic). For fuels, need to know how you get fuel from fractional distillation, which fuel is cleaner and why, what are the consequences of burning fuels(Chemistry topic).

In Biology, when you do diffusion, exchanges in the lungs and gut, rate of reactions(Chemistry topic) are involved. Rate of reactions are ways that can make a chemical reaction go faster such as large surface area, concentration and many more. Old and New Species(Chemistry topic) are how the Earth's early atmosphere started, fossils, plate tectonics, Carbon cycle, how carbon dioxide decreased to 0.04% and the structures of the Earth.