How does energy flow through an ecosystem?

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Apr 6, 2018

The energy flow in an Eco system is unidirectional by cycling energy and nutrients from the external sources.


1st stage:-
In the Tropic Level the primary producers utilize the solar energy to produce the organic products through photosynthesis.

2nd stage:-
Then it comes the turn of the primary consumers who are at the second tropic level; who only take in the plant products are the herbivores.

3rd stage and beyond:-
Then comes the role of the carnivores and the omnivores who feed on the herbivores or the plants directly . They form the last stages of the tropic level. This process continues till the highest consumer.

At par The Plants take in 1% of the total energy of the sun which is received by the earth.
Further each tropic level takes 10% of the energy as it passes from one level to the other . Processes that reduce the energy transferred between tropic levels include respiration, growth and reproduction, defecation, and non predatory death.

This law is called as the 10% Law.

Here is a diagram explaining this,